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Primary Inquiry-Based Learning + Literacy K-3

Wednesdays & Thursdays

September 4, 2024 to June 12, 2025

9:00 am to 3:30 pm

$6098.00/School Year

This program is designed for primary-age students who are keen to take a deep dive and explore the science curriculum, guided by their senses, in the boreal forest. Using developmentally appropriate provocations and experiences, the teacher will nurture each child’s sense of wonder and innate curiosity about the world around them. Yukon WILD School infuses literacy into most things we do and this will be a core tenant of this program. Using phonemic awareness strategies and high-interest material from the WILD School Library students will further develop their literacy skills. Curriculum areas explored include Science, Art, Language Arts, PE & Core Competencies. Outdoor adventures will be tailored to group interests and may include hiking, biking, canoeing & nordic skiing.

Primary Inquiry-Based Learning & Literacy 2-Days Week


Experiential Science + Outdoor Adventure Gr. 3-5 & Gr. 6-8

Wednesdays & Thursdays

September 4, 2024 to June 12, 2025

9:00 am to 3:30 pm

$6098.00/School Year

This two-day-a-week program is designed to give your learner an enrichment opportunity academically while also being physically demanding. At the core of this program is experiential science inspired by the world around us. Students will explore a variety of field studies in Yukon’s diverse landscapes. Numeracy and literacy are strategically applied throughout daily lesson plans. Students will be challenged in a variety of leadership and problem solving tasks making this a holistic program for families who demand more from their child’s educational experience. Curriculum areas explored include Science, Art, ADST, PE & Core Competencies. Outdoor adventures will be tailored to group interest and will include hiking, biking, canoeing & nordic skiing. A year-end 5-day wilderness canoe trip is possible depending on interest.

Experiential Science Enrichment + Outdoor Adventure 2-Days Week

WILD Thursdays or Fridays

9:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Choose from either Thursday or Friday. Supplement a traditional education with outdoor, experiential-based learning experiences.



Registration Opens January 13th @ 9:00 AM


WILD School Summer Camp 2024

June 24th - August 23rd, 2024

We are currently waitlisting for the following weeks/ages:

-June 24-28 All Ages

-July 2-5 Age 10-12

-July 8-12 Age 7-9

-July 29-Aug 2 All Ages

-August 5-9 Age 10-12

-August 12-16 Age 4-6 & 10-12

-August 20-23 Age 4-6 & 10-12

Monday to Friday 8:45 am to 4:00 pm 

A week-long leadership-focused program that facilitates outdoor learning, resilience, and self-awareness.

Ages 4 - 11



Leader In Training (LIT)

Includes 4 days of mandatory training (includes Lakewater Leader Canoe Certification) June 17-20, 2024


your choice of 3 weeks of LIT experience June 24th - August 23rd, 2024

Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:15 pm

Develop your wilderness and outdoor skills while learning to teach and support youth.

Ages 12 - 15


Inclusive & Special Education

Yukon WILD School embraces all learners and strives to make the forest a place for everyone. Students deserve to feel supported whether they are in the great outdoors or in any other type of learning environment. For this reason, we believe strongly that if your child receives 1-1 support or special interventions at their public school you will need to make arrangements for this support to continue at WILD School. This extra cost is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. There may be funding available to you and assistance in finding the right person. Do not hesitate to reach out. Supporting student success is vital when learning outdoors.