The Wild Way Bursary



The most significant thing our Wild School community has learned so far is that this program is really good for kids. We are keen to make this educational experience available to more students, so we have created the Wild Way Bursary. Families can apply to the Wild Way Bursary to receive partial or complete funding for tuition. The bursary is for full-time enrollment only. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need, assessed benefit to the student, and subject to available spaces in a class. Please complete the application form. Questions? Please write to:

Application Form:


Anyone can donate to the Wild Way Bursary and this valuable donation will support children to attend Wild School who otherwise could not. Wild School is a nationally registered not-for-profit organization with a vision to immerse students in the natural world and nurture a sense of wonder and inspiration for learning. Donors will be recognized on our donor appreciation page on our website and be given updates regarding student learning at Wild School. Donors may also remain anonymous if they choose.


Donor Appreciation

Wild School would like to thank the following donors to the Wild Way Bursary. These contributions are life-changing for children and we are very grateful. This is the wild way.

The Jewell Family